The company's new brand, "Ai Wo" grand published! The company's new brand, "Ai Wo" grand published!

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28-30 November 2013, the company was held in the year 2014 Dealer Business Guilin Lijiang hotel. 29, 9:00 pm, Chery Heavy Industries Company in Zhejiang distributor of Commerce Annual Conference 2014 "Ai Wo" brand released an official ceremony held at the deputy general manager of Chery Heavy Industries and chairman of Zhejiang Mr. Tao Hao Jie, the company's total Chery Heavy Zhejiang Mr. Xiao Lin managers and more than 270 dealers from across the country, service provider representatives to witness a new brand launch ceremony!

"Ai Wo" as Chery Heavy Industries to build another Harvester brand, the company is mainly used for the production of various types of paddy Zhejiang agricultural machinery, brand positioning in the domestic advanced level of similar products. By using self-developed patented technologies, carefully crafted domestic product of independent longitudinal axis of the stream leading brands.


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