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Company "Ai Wo" longitudinal axial flow combine harvester
Participate in various spot the success of Hubei Province

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May 7, and comprehensive utilization of straw Jinshao spot by the Jingzhou Municipal Agricultural Bureau smoothly. The site contains a low crop harvesting combine harvesters, throw chopped straw to field, the field of straw bale baler operation, straw chopper grinder, complete set of full mechanization of field operations demonstrates joint site preparation tractor entire land. Wo Ai production company was invited to perform longitudinal axial flow combine harvester throw chopped straw to field demonstration. Deputy Secretary-General of the participating provincial CPPCC, vice chairman of the NLD Hubei provincial full-time Professor Wang Yaohui, deputy director of the provincial agricultural bureau skin into small, nearly 200 leaders and guests. There Ai Wo meeting, Star, Yanmar, Vodafone 4 barley harvesters common presentation.


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      May 12, by the Qianjiang City Agricultural Bureau of rapeseed harvesting spot held as scheduled. Attended by the mayor of Qianjiang City Environmental Protection Bureau, Agricultural Secretary, nearly a hundred guests. The live meeting both the domestic brands, such as Google Wang, starlight, Ai Wo, Vodafone, there are foreign brands like Yanmar, Kubota and other models rape combine harvesting nearly the same stage. Wo Ai cole final longitudinal axial flow combine with a clear advantage the first to complete their tasks. Wo Ai longitudinal axial flow combine harvester With more than 10 patents with independent intellectual property rights of longitudinal axial flow threshing device, stalk shredding devices, focusing on the development, production of various types of longitudinal axial flow combine harvester. Products with efficient, clean, low-loss concern. Through this demonstration rapeseed, attended by guests and users of Ai Wo harvester features have been further verified!


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